121st CANTON FAIR 2017[16/05/2017]

Both PDW and ALTENZO attended the 121st Canton Fair, April 2017 edition. The show was a lot busier than what we have seen in recent times.  For those that have not attended the Canton Fair, it is definitely worth visiting us next time, the next show being 15th- 19th October 2017.

The complex covers a total construction area of 1,100,000 M2 with the indoor exhibition area of 338,000 M2 and the outdoor exhibition area of 43,600 M2. The Area A has an indoor exhibition area of 130,000 M2 and an outdoor exhibition area of 30,000 M2, the Area B has an indoor exhibition area of 128,000 M2 and an outdoor exhibition area of 13,600 M2, and the Area C has an indoor exhibition area of 80,000 M2.

Wheel Tech: Centerbore[15/05/2017]

The centerbore of a alloy wheels is the machined opening on the back of the wheel that centers the alloy wheels properly on the hub of a vehicle. This hole is machined to exactly match the hub so the alloy wheels are precisely positioned as the lug hardware is torqued down. Keeping the wheel precisely centered on the hub when it is mounted will minimize the chance of a vibration. Some wheels are vehicle model specific and will come from the wheel factory with a bore machined to match that vehicle. Some wheels are designed to fit multiple vehicle models and will use a centering ring system to reduce the bore size to match the hubs of different vehicles. These rings keep the wheel precisely positioned as the lug hardware is torqued down.

Some wheels are non-hub centric by design. These are known as lug centric wheels. With these alloy wheels it is critical to torque the lug hardware with the vehicle on jack stands, off the ground. This allows the nuts or bolts to center the alloy wheels and torque down without the weight of the vehicle pushing them off center.

Tire Tech: Air Pressure[14/05/2017]

Advantages of Correct Tires Inflation

Maintaining correct tires inflation pressure helps optimize tire performance and fuel economy. Correct tires inflation pressure allows drivers to experience tire comfort, durability and performance designed to match the needs of their vehicles. Tire deflection (the tread and sidewall flexing where the tread comes into contact with the road) will remain as originally designed and excessive sidewall flexing and tread squirm will be avoided. Heat buildup will be managed and rolling resistance will be appropriate. Proper tire inflation pressure also stabilizes the tire's structure, blending the tire's responsiveness, traction and handling.

"Correct tire inflation pressure allows drivers to experience tires comfort, durability and performance designed to match the needs of their vehicles."

Can you easily identify which tire is 30% underinflated? Here is what they would look like in the morning parked in your garage.

(Roll your mouse across the pictures to find out if you were right.)

Tough to tell; isn't it? Tire pressure must be checked with a quality air gauge as the inflation pressure cannot be accurately estimated through visual inspection.

Disadvantages of Underinflation

An underinflated tire can't maintain its shape and becomes flatter than intended while in contact with the road. If a vehicle's tires are underinflated by only 6 psi it could lead to tire failure. Additionally, the tire's tread life could be reduced by as much as 25%. Lower inflation pressure will allow the tires to deflect (bend) more as it rolls. This will build up internal heat, increase rolling resistance and cause a reduction in fuel economy of up to 5%. You would experience a significant loss of steering precision and cornering stability. While 6 psi doesn't seem excessively low, remember, it usually represents about 20% of the tire's recommended pressure.

Disadvantages of Overinflation

An overinflated tire is stiff and unyielding and the size of its footprint in contact with the road is reduced. If a vehicle's tires are overinflated by 6 psi, they could be damaged more easily when running over potholes or debris in the road. Higher inflated tires cannot isolate road irregularities well, causing them to ride harsher. However, higher inflation pressures usually provide an improvement in steering response and cornering stability up to a point. This is why participants who use street tires in autocrosses, track events and road races run higher than normal inflation pressures. The pressure must be checked with a quality air gauge as the inflation pressure cannot be accurately estimated through visual inspection.

Wheel Tech: About Bolt Pattern[13/05/2017]

Bolt pattern or bolt circle is the diameter of an imaginary circle formed by the centers of the alloy wheels lugs. Bolt patterns can be 4-, 5-, 6-, or 8-lug holes. A bolt circle of 4x100 would indicate a 4-lug pattern on a circle with a diameter of 100mm.

The diagram (upper, left) indicates the proper measuring methods. 6-lug wheels are measured like 4-lug wheels.

"Bolt pattern or bolt circle is the diameter of an imaginary circle formed by the centers of the wheel lugs."

Note: When measuring a 5-lug wheel the measurement is only an estimate unless accurately measured using a bolt pattern gauge. A bolt pattern gauge is a specialty tool and is not widely available. To ensure the proper fitment of 5-lug wheels, Tire Rack's fitment specialists have the exact bolt pattern information for all vehicles and review the information before listing a wheel as an exact fit for that vehicle in search results. When selecting wheels by vehicle, only wheels that will be a proper fit for the vehicle selected are shown.


PDW International is pleased to introduce Mr. Wayne Wang. Wayne began with PDW, as an engineer and has now progress to become an account manager. Wayne has developed well in his knowledge of the wheel industry and is very passionate about his job and lives and breathes wheels.

In order for you to become better acquainted with Wayne, PDW International recently sat down with her for a chat.

Name: Wayne
Age: 27

Nationality: Chinese

Where is your hometown:  Wuyi

In just a few words, describe your hometown: Beautiful Mountains and beautiful people

How long in PDW: 3 years

How long in the wheel industry: 3 years

What was your major in university: Mechanical Design and manufacturing.

Interests outside of work: Reading, car modification, excercise

Do you prefer KTV or a nightclub: KTV, Karaoke Bar

What is a perfect way to spend an evening? Good dinner and watch a movie with my wife.

Marital Status: Married with 1 child

What would you like to be doing in 5 years time: Continue in the wheel industry

What would you plan to do when it is time to retire from work: Travel the world

Best thing about living in China: Freedom and peace
Worst thing about living in China:Lack of respect for the environment.

Favorite food: Chicken
Favorite western language movie: Fast and Furious (whole series)

Most beautiful person in the world: My Wife

Place in China you recommend others to visit: Shangri La, Yunan

Favorite destination in the world: New Zealand

All time favorite wheel: Rohanna

Favorite type of motorsports: WRC

Favorite Sport: Running

Favorite thing about your job: Using English and career development.

What makes PDW different: Design R & D, continual improvement. Strong sales and marketing team.

Why should customer work with PDW: PDW provide the best service and work hard to ensure the customer is making money.

Most frequently visited websites:

If someone gave $1000USD and told you spend it, what would you buy?
I would travel to London and New Zealand.

If you were to give a piece of advise to anyone travelling to China for the first time, what would it be: Stay here for 1 year to experience the culture.

Let us know a saying that you swear by: One for all, All for one.



HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY[14/03/2017]

Every year, PDW International takes part in activities to celebrate the Woman’s Day. This year was no exceptions, with managers and staff from all departments taking part to make 2017 Woman’s Day a memorable occasion.

With over 80 participants, we all made the early morning journey to Wuyi. The weather was great, with the sun shining bright and the spirits within the group was high with expectation.


Teams were split up into the Navy Vs. Army. From there we contested many different activities. Activities included obstacle courses over water, paint ball, and other team building exercises.


It was a great way to celebrate the worldwide event, Woman’s Day.




May 24-27,2016


PDW and ALTENZO tires grand appearance!





HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY[08/03/2016]

一年之季在于春,开局之关键,奠基之良机,都在于这新年开始之际,在“3.8”妇女节来临之际,借着节日的东风,公司党支部、工会、妇联、团支部联合举办主题为“凝聚你我 共享未来—-曙光‘3.8’节团队拓展活动”。







2016 PDW HAVE ON WORKING[16/02/2016]



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