PDW 2016 ANNUAL DINNER[14/01/2016]

 Breaking the new year by welcoming 2016 with New Year Annual Dinner on the 10th January. “Running with 2016” theme dinner party was held in the headquarter facility with exciting shows and presentations to performance that warms the atmosphere during this cold winter season.


Chairman Yan together with President Yan has made some important and moving speeches and commitments, boosting confidence to the whole PDW family to be able to kick start a better, stronger 2016.


The Yan family has also expanded its business into medicines sector, has invested its corporation into Chinese medicinal clinics. Joining us, Ms Tong Zhuren from Wing Ching Tak Tong Chinese Medicine Clinic also participated in our Annual Dinner, sharing our celebration and introduction to our PDW community.

Interesting performance from our internal departments from Purchasing, Casting Workshop, Hangzhou Wheel Division to Sales Department gave us overwhelming entertainment during the dinner - dance, poems, short acts to glow in the dark art performance.


The Annual Dinner also spotlights to our esteemed staffs, giving out recognitions from 5-year, 10-year, Most Responsible, Most Passionate, Best Service, Best Progressive, Best Salesperson, Outstanding Performance was awarded by our Yan family members for encouragements and thanking therefor their outstanding effort and hard work for the company in 2015.


Lucky draw was no less with a total of 175 prizes from 12 gold rings, 48 pure silver plates, iPad, Notebook, shopping gift cards, winter quilts, coffee mugs and much more. The giveaways to all participates in the Annual Dinner and it was filled with smiles of joy, satisfaction and just pure happiness with warmth of the PDW family and great moments together.


This going New Year, we will stand on a new starting point, looking forward to tomorrow, creating more splendid future, stay unite and forge ahead into 2016 together!





The most responsible employee:






Most passionate cadres:


Best Progress Staff:



Best Service Employees:



Outstanding member of:



Gold sales:


Excellent team:




Ten years older employees:





Five years older employees:










PDW has just launched the all new Special Vacuum Plating (PVD) finish – comes in a wide selection of finishes from Gold, Rose Gold, Purple, Pink, Blue, Orange, Zinc, Copper, Chameleon, Double PVD.

These new finish are highly recommended as PVD Plating development advantages are;

 Environmental friendly, eco-green, manufactured without any harmful chemicals and heavy metal industry and has significantly contributed on pro-pollution to the environment.
 Catering to high demand for high end products quality with lower cost production – a much better selling value added point for sales.
 Fresh finishes to hit the market, to give more choices for the current market demand for selection of styles and higher end finishes.
 Excellent chemical resistance, strong anti corrosion and oxidation resistance, durable finish to suit your wheel styles.
 Will be available for ordering in Q1 2016.




PDW International is please to introduce Ms Anita Zhu. Anita has been with PDW since 2012 and is one of the main account manager for the USA market. Anita works tirelessly for her customers and due to the time in the USA is often seen in the office as late as midnight.

In order for you to become better acquainted with Anita, PDW International recently sat down with her for a chat.

Name: Anita

Age: 25

Nationality: China

Where is your hometown: Wuyi

In just a few words, describe your hometown: a sweet and beautiful village with lots of kind people

How long in PDW: 3 years

How long in the wheel industry: 3 years

What was your major in university: Linguistics

Interests outside of work: reading

Do you prefer KTV or a nightclub: KTV

What is a perfect way to spend an evening? Stay with family

Marital Status: Single

What would you like to be doing in 5 years time: married to have a sweet family

What would you plan to do when it is time to retire from work: open a flower shop

Best thing about living in China: Good foods always

Worst thing about living in China: Traffic

Favorite food: Sichuan Hot pot

Favorite western language movie: La Vie En Rose

Most beautiful person in the world: My Mom

Place in China you recommend others to visit: Great Wall

Favorite destination in the world:

All time favorite wheel: Kaiser

Favorite type of motorsports:  F1

Favorite Sport: Running

Favorite thing about your job: become friends of customers

What makes PDW different: We are the company that really has theory of brand building

Why should customer work with PDW: good quality

Most frequently visited websites:

If someone gave $1000USD and told you spend it, what would you buy?

PDW wheels for my car

If you were to give a piece of advise to anyone travelling to China for the first time, what would it be: Learn a little Chinese

Let us know a saying that you swear by:

God helps those who help themselves




New design release - enquire now!


STOCK SPECIALS[15/12/2015]


Currently we are running some stock specials on some high volume stock items that we have on the floor, ready to ship.

If you are looking for a good deal on wheels, please contact your account manager asap to secure a deal today. There are a lot of options for you so be sure to ask for all the options.

Get stock at a price and raise your GP % now!!!!!



PDW STICKER[15/12/2015]


We are pleased to announce that we have added a sticker kit to our merchandise line. Currently available in the PDW logo in a magnificent chrome finish we can also do custom design for everyone.

Bob has recently taken over the role of Merchandise Manager and can handle all your requests and requirements. You can contact him directly for quotations and information at




Merry Christmas to the whole of the PDW family!!!

2015 has been a difficult year for many of us due to the downturn in most countries economy and currency depreciation. We see the hard work that all customers, partners and distributors have done to work these difficult times.

We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope that the New Year brings you great fortune.





To further enhance the fire safety work to improve the combat capability of the staff of the fire, a few days ago, my company use equipment maintenance staff time to focus on fire prevention knowledge training. In order to ensure the effectiveness of training, I invited the fire center should instructors teach employees
During the training, instructors should first from several major, major fire accidents occurred in recent domestic talk, let everyone a better understanding of the dangers of fire. Then he went through about electric cars, mobile phones and other improper use caused a vicious fire accidents, and in-depth analysis of the causes, to show vigilance. Finally, he combined with how to properly use a fire extinguisher, fire bombs, wet towels, gas masks and other fire emergency equipment, gave a briefing on how to save themselves when affected by fire and fire-related knowledge. After the training, instructors should lead us to the outdoors exercise the use of fire extinguishers, then each employee also practice again.
Through this training, not only enhances the fire safety awareness of the bank staff, but also improve the fire, escape skills, for the safe operation of the line provides an important safeguard.


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